Laura Toni

I am a Post-doctoral fellow in the Signal Processing Laboratory (LTS4) EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, since December 2012.  Before that, I was a Post-doctoral fellow in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department at the University of California, San Diego, working with Prof. L. Milstein and Prof. P. Cosman.

From June 2009 to November 2011, I was at the Tele-Robotics and Application (TERA) lab, working on wireless sensor networks for robotics applications.  I received  the Ph.D. degree in electronics, computer science and telecommunications and M.S. degree  in electrical engineering and  from the University of Bologna, Italy, in 2009 and 2005, respectively.

My research interests are in the areas of cross-layer optimization for  multimedia communication, multi-camera streaming, wireless communications systems, and underwater communications.

You can find an updated list of publication here.